The Rob Machado Foundation's primary mission is to educate and empower young people to make sustainable choices. 

Rob Machado is one of the world's most recognizable surfers as well as a committed environmentalist. In 2004, he established RMF to support environmental programs for youth. Today he is directly involved in the programs run by the foundation, often appearing at schools and volunteer events.

What We've Achieved

  • Helped expand the Cardiff Elementary school garden program from a two-class project to a school-wide program 
  • Supported the complete overhaul of Cardiff Elementary School's lunch menu, incorporating healthy options often sourced straight from the garden
  • Supported school greening efforts such as donating bike racks and reusable party kits
  • Installed recycling and trash bins on school fields to prevent waste from entering the local watershed
  • Created a Green Team of over 100 volunteers overseeing waste diversion at the Switchfoot Bro-Am, Encinitas' largest music and surf event
  • Installed water stations in schools across southern California to provide clean drinking water while eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles 
  • Supported environmental education campaigns such as Cardiff Ocean Week to teach students how to contribute to a healthy earth