Our programs focus on reducing the prevalence of single-use plastic and on enabling children to live healthy, eco-friendly lives. 

Water stations in schools

clean, free drinking water for every student

The Rob Machado Foundation donates water filling stations to schools so that students have access to a clean, healthful drink option without having to purchase single-use plastic water bottles. Schools commit to reduce their single-use plastic consumption and to promote hydration with water rather than sugary drinks. Reusable water bottles are either donated or made available for student purchase, with the profits going straight back into school programs. 


New Trash cans on beaches

Keeping litter out of the ocean with covered trash cans.

When Rob founded this program, local beaches were riddled with litter due to disintegrating trash cans. The trash that seagulls were taking from the open-top cans was eventually ending up in the water. RMF provided secure, covered cans to Seaside and Cardiff state beaches. The cans are made entirely from reclaimed materials.


Recycling systems at schools

durable recycling bins in high-NEED spaces.

Our recycling program started after we realized that many of the local schools' athletic fields had neither trash nor recycling bins. After weekend sports games, plastic bottles and other litter was often scattered across the fields. RMF sourced bins made from 95% recycled materials for several school fields, and have expanded the program to solve recycling needs all over campuses.




The first Monday of each month, RMF gathers volunteers from the community for a beach cleanup at Cardiff Reef. We walk from Cardiff to Seaside picking up waste that litters our beaches and endangers sea life.  We love to work with school groups, corporate volunteers, but depend most on individuals looking to give back. 


green team volunteer events

WASTE DIVERSION solutions at surf events

The Rob Machado Foundation + Solana Center Green Team oversees waste diversion at local beach events in an effort to make concerts and surf contests as close to zero-waste as possible. At the 2015 Bro-Am, the 100-person volunteer team was able to divert 83% of the waste away from the landfill while educating attendees on proper recycling and compost techniques.