Johnny's Seaside: Touring the beach with a local legend

This week, we've been working on a beach bin restoration program over at Seaside Reef. A few of the trash cans we donated to Seaside are in need of some repairs, having taken a beating this winter with the heavy storms. Unfortunately, we had two remove two bins that were rusted beyond repair, but are working on replacing them.


As we were inspecting the cans, we heard a familiar voice call out. "Hey, what are you doing with my cans?" It was Johnny Seaside, a local legend at Seaside Reef.

Johnny comes to Seaside Reef every day to surf and enjoy his beach. Each morning at 7 a.m., Johnny picks up trash. More often than not, he does so alone, purely out of love for his favorite break. 

He uses the trash cans the Rob Machado Foundation donated more than anyone, disposing of the litter he finds along the sand and in the parking lot. 

Johnny helped us inspect the cans, determining which ones needed repair. He told us how important the cans were, especially in the summer when families crowd the beach and people bring more food and drinks onto the sand.


He picked up the cap of a disposable e-cigarette, telling us that lately, these caps are what he finds the most. 

Johnny doesn't seem to mind picking up trash for his beach, and he does it with pride. But he says he worries about who will take on the job when he's no longer able to. The storms have caused a lot of damage to the beaches, and as the summer crowds get bigger each year, so grows the trash problem.


He showed us the corner of the parking lot where he planted palms and succulents to beautify the area. 

Of course, Johnny doesn't own Seaside Reef, but he takes pride and responsibility for it as though he does. He surfs Seaside every day, and therefore he feels he ought to take care of it. He's a great inspiration to us and we hope he inspires others to take care of their beaches. 

Thanks for taking care of the cans, Johnny.