RMF + Solana Center Set Recycling Records at Switchfoot Bro-Am

 Nathan Minatta/Skeptic Productions

Nathan Minatta/Skeptic Productions

ENCINITAS, CA – The Rob Machado Foundation + Solana Center Green Team diverted from the landfill an unprecedented 2,414 pounds of waste at the 2015 Switchfoot Bro-Am event at Moonlight Beach.

Eighty-five volunteers set up temporary recycling stations across the entire music and surf contest areas of Moonlight Beach, comprising recycling, trash and composting bins. The Green Team educated event attendees on how to recycle and compost their waste.

Almost 3,000 pounds of waste were then sorted by hand, resulting in 83% of the event waste being either recycled or composted and thereby diverted from the landfill.

An estimated 15,000 people attended the Switchfoot Bro-Am, which meant overseeing recycling at the event was a daunting task.

“It wouldn’t have been possible without our longstanding partnership with the Rob Machado Foundation and collaborative support from the City of Encinitas and Hurley,” said Solana Center Executive Director, Jessica Toth. “What a great success! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

Seven hundred and eighty five pounds of food were sent to the Solana Center to be composted by via Bokashi, a Japanese fermenting method that allows all organic food waste to be processed for compost.

An enormous thank you to our incredibly inspiring volunteers who worked so hard in the sun and heat to make sure Moonlight Beach stayed clean and that single-use plastic and other recoverable materials stayed out of the landfill.

RMF would also like to thankHurley, Mizu, Circus de AZN graphic design, FWD Screenprinting, Clif Bar and Cardiff School District for helping to make our efforts possible.

Final stats:

  • 85-volunteer Green Team

  • 2,923 lbs of waste processed

  • 1,628 lbs of waste recycled

  • 785 lbs of food waste composted

  • 2,414 lbs diverted from landfill = 83% diversion rate

  • 4 metric tons of greenhouse gasses avoided